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Split Cathedral doors by Andrija Buvina, Pictor de Spalato, 1214.
Virtual polychromy reconstruction and 3d CAD model was created by Mladen under the guidance and supervision from Zana Matulic Bilac of the HRZ (Croatian conservation Institute, the leader of the conservation-restoration project and the event organizer. Only 4 fields are based on the actual findings of the pigment particles, while the rest is M. Culic's  artistic interpretation, 
3D model of the exhibition setting in V. Filakovac gallery 2016 / Salon Galic 2014
3D model postava u galeriji V. Filakovac 2016. / Salonu Galic 2014.
Digital reconstruction of the polychromatics of the gates of the Split cathedral of St. Dujam ,work of A. Buvina (2015 - work in progress)
Digitalna rekonstrukcija polikromije, A. Buvina, Vratnice splitske katedrale (2015 - ilustracija procesa koji je u tijeku)
Digital reconstruction of of the polychromatics of the Christus triumphans, gothic crucifix in the Collection of sacral art in Trogir.
Digitalna rekonstrukcija polikromije, 2014. Christus triumphans, Zbirka sakralne umjetnosti Trogiru 
Creation of a series of drawings and paintings after E. Vidovic, used in the documentary serial Emanuel Vidovic, HRT 2014/15.
Rekonstrukcija procesa crtanja i slikanja za dokumentarno-igrani serijal Emanuel Vidovic, HRT 2014/15.
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